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La Movida Mallorquina uses cookies and/or similar third-party technologies to improve and optimize the user’s experience and service. By browsing or using our services the user accepts our use of cookies. However, the user has the option to prevent the generation of cookies and the elimination of cookies by selecting the appropriate option in your browser. In case of blocking the use of cookies in your browser, it is possible that some services or functionalities of the website may not be available.

“Cookies” are small files that some platforms, such as websites, can install on your computer, smartphone, tablet, connected TV, etc, when you access them. Their functions can be very varied: store your browsing preferences, collect statistical information, enable certain technical functionalities, store and retrieve information about the browsing habits or preferences of a user or their equipment to the point, sometimes, depending on the information they contain and the way you use your equipment, of being able to recognize you. A cookie is stored on a computer to personalize and facilitate the user’s navigation as much as possible. Cookies play a very important role in improving the experience of using the site.

From a technical point of view, they allow websites to work in a more agile way and adapted to the user’s preferences, such as storing the language, the country’s currency or detecting the access device.

They establish levels of protection and security that prevent or hinder cyber-attacks against the website or its users. They allow the managers of the media to know statistical data collected in the Cookies to improve the quality and experience of their services. They serve to optimize the advertising we show to users, offering the one that best suits their interests.

La Movida Mallorquina uses Google Analytics to obtain and analyze browsing information. This application has been developed by Google, which provides us with the service of analyzing the audience of our website. This company can use this data to improve its own services and to offer services to other companies. You can learn about these other uses from the links provided.

This tool does not obtain data from the names or surnames of users or the postal address from where they connect. The information obtained is related for example to the number of pages visited, the language, social network in which our news is published, the city to which the IP address from which users access, the number of users who visit us, the frequency and recurrence of visits, the time of visit, the browser they use, the operator or type of terminal from which the visit is made. Together with the server log files, it allows us to know the total number of users who visit and those parts of it that enjoy greater popularity. Thanks to them, information is obtained that can help to improve navigation and provide a better service to users.

If you interact with the content of third-party cookies may also be set, such as Google Ads advertising cookies and social cookies to control interaction with facebook or instagram widgets. Third-party cookies are those set by a domain other than our Website. We cannot access the data stored in cookies from other websites when you browse those websites.
We include below the link to the Google website where you can consult the description of the type of cookies used by Google Analitycs and their expiration period: To allow, know, block or delete cookies installed on your computer you can do so by setting your browser options installed on your computer.

For example you can find information on how to do it in case you use as browser:
· Internet Explorer from here
· Firefox from here
· Chrome from here
· Safari from here
· Opera from here

If you continue your navigation once informed about the Cookies Policy, we will understand that you accept the use of cookies by the web and applications. However, if you wish, you can change your cookie settings at any time by configuring your browser to accept or not the cookies you receive or to notify you when a server wants to save a cookie.

Please note that in the case of blocking or not accepting the installation of cookies, it is possible that certain services may not be available without the use of these or that you can not access certain services or take full advantage of all that our websites and applications offer. La Movida Mallorquina thanks you for consenting to the acceptance of cookies, this helps us to obtain more accurate data that allow us to improve the content and design of our website and applications to suit your preferences.

In the event that La Movida Mallorquina provides any type of special service in which it determines specific provisions different from these regarding the protection of personal data and the use of cookies, the particular rules indicated for that particular service will prevail over the present ones. If you consent to the use of cookies, continue browsing or click on any link it will be understood that you have consented to our cookies policy and therefore the installation of cookies on your computer or device.